About Me

Urbanist Wanderer started life in 2016 as Quirky Transit & Travels, a simple online space for me to write about the train travels that I was beginning to go on as a young student in Ireland and Europe. I started with 3 awkwardly written posts on Irish Rail, before a solo trip to Newgrange made me realise that there was a lack of travel information for tourists in Ireland who preferred to get around with public transport.

Today, the site hosts travel information pages for Ireland in addition to the steady stream of reviews and trip reports that I hope to continue to do. I also expanded into posting my amateur opinions and commentary on urban and transit issues.

After 7 years as primarily a personal travel blog, Quirky Transit & Travels was rebranded into Urbanist Wanderer in April 2023. Alongside the rebranding exercise, existing content were subjected to review and were either revamped or archived. Moving forward, I hope to expand Urbanist Wanderer into a personal online space for, among others, more professional commentary on urban and transit topics. As I am Malaysian, these posts will naturally have a Malaysian or ASEAN slant.

The site has been a joy to maintain as well as a rewarding learning curve. I hope you find the site helpful and informative. Thank you very much for dropping by, and Happy Reading!